About Us:

Welcome to Vita Pulse Coupon Codes!

My name is Mikael Swartz and I am the founder of Vita Pulse Coupon Codes.  This website has grown to something so much bigger than I originally thought. I am so proud of our staff. We truly have grown together.

Humble Origins.

I was not an active man. After a health crisis, I decided to start living an active lifestyle. I became a regular contributor to Bodybuilding.com as well as a few other websites. But the costs of eating healthy and taking health supplements started to add up. I needed to find ways to save money.

And that’s where Vita Pulse Coupon Codes was born.

I decided that I would share any fitness-related coupon codes with everyone I could. We started this blog out as an old Blogspot page. But soon we registered our own domain name and off we took.